Built Right…Priced Right

Proven reliable over and over again, this EASTEY automatic bundler provides you with all the quality features found in much higher priced machines. EB25A is designed and built to give you all the features needed for positive sealing a wide variety of films including polyolefin, polyethylene, and PVC.

Rugged Design

EASTEY’S automatic bundlers are expertly welded on ¼” cold rolled steel frames and designed to handle the day to day abuse of most bundling applications. Each bundler utilizes two rolls of single wound film mounted on the same side of the machine and upper and lower power film unwind for ease of use. See for yourself why EASTEY has been a leader in the shrink packaging industry for over 25 years.

Standard Features
Designed to seal most polyolefin, polyethylene, and PVC shrink films
25” wide hot knife seal provides a consistent “bulls-eye”closure
Upper and lower powered film unwind for smooth feed of film
All-welded main frame from ¼” cold rolled steel for durability
12” product pass through height accommodates 11” tall product
Bases supplied with casters for easy transport
Reliable product transfer between infeed and exit conveyor
Soft start infeed and outfeed conveyors to reduce product shifting
Fixed lower seal bar provides a clean consistent seal and accommodates random height products
Automatic seal system with pneumatic hold for consistent pressure
Self tracking conveyor belt and product indexing
34.75” conveyor height
Siemens PLC touchscreen with full color HMI
Flexibility for fully automatic or single product operation
Small footprint – 61.5”L x 41.8”W x 71.3”H
Durable custom two-part epoxy finish resists scratching
Self tracking conveyor belt and product indexing
25” max film width
14” max film OD
220V standard; optional 480V
Requires 60 psi; 3.5 cfm
Easy to use design requires minimal training and maintenance
Made in the USA

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