Professional Series Combo Units

The Professional Series Combo Unit combines a rugged Eastey L-sealer and shrink tunnel on a common frame with one power source. This allows for quick setup, perfect alignment and consistent product sealing. A common base with casters makes this a very portable system for transportation within the plant.

Proven reliable over and over again, these top of the line Eastey L-Sealer Combo Units provide you with all the quality features found in much higher priced machines. They are designed and built to give you all the performance features needed for positive sealing a wide variety of films including polyolefin and PVC.

Eastey L-Sealers Performance Series Shrink Packaging Adjustable Takeaway Conveyor

Seal head can be raised or lowered to center the seal on your product.

Eastey L-Sealers Pneumatic Professional Series Shrink Packaging Pin Perf

Adjustable pin perforator provides air evacuation in film which allows for proper film shrinkage.

Eastey L-Sealers Professional Series Shrink Packaging Control Panel

Easy to use control panel lets users adjust temperature settings for their specific application.

Eastey Performance Series Shrink Tunnels Positive Shrink

Consistent air flow provides positive shrinking of polyolefin or PVC shrink films.

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  • Designed to seal most polyolefin, polyethylene, and PVC shrink films
    All-welded main frame from 1/4” cold rolled steel
    Live roller or stainless steel mesh belt conveyors
    Sealed bearings (not bushings) on drive and idler shafts
    Adjustable digital solid state temperature control for a variety of films
    Four-directional air flow provides positive shrinking
    Variable air flow and air velocity for a variety of products and applications
    Seal head casting equipped with head return cylinder
    Stainless steel film clamps hold film in place while sealing
    Available with hot wire or hot knife seal systems
    Hot knife seal systems available with mushroom (standard), pancake, arrow, or poly inserts
    Dual locking magnet clamps apply even pressure across sealbar
    Takeaway conveyor can be raised or lowered to center-seal product
    Automatic takeaway conveyor
    Heavy duty film cradle allows for easy changeovers and adjustments
    Adjustable pin perforator provides air evacuation
    Custom two-part epoxy finish resists scratching
    Heavy duty casters for transportation within plant
    Easy to use design requires minimal training and maintenance
    Made in the USA
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