Eastey Professional Series Automatic L-Sealers

Professional Series Automatic L-Sealers

Proven reliable over and over again, EASTEY’s Automatic L-Sealers provide you with all the quality features found in much higher priced machines. They are designed and built to give you all the performance features needed for positive sealing a wide variety of films including polyolefin, polyethylene, and PVC.

Designed specifically for large or heavy products that need to be fully enclosed, EASTEY Professional Series Automatic L-Sealers are constructed of expertly welded 1/4 cold rolled steel and designed to handle the day to day abuse of even the most challenging automatic sealing applications. The efficient automatic self centering seal system allows users to automatically seal product that is placed on the infeed conveyor for a consistent seal every time.

Eastey Professional Series Automatic L-Sealers Power Film Unwind

Power film unwind ensures proper tension of film.

Eastey Professional Series Automatic L-Sealers User Interface

Easy to use control panel lets users adjust for their specific application.

Eastey Professional Series Automatic L-Sealers Scrap Unwind

Film take-up scrap winder automatically wraps up the scrap film left from the sealer.

Eastey Professional Series Automatic L-Sealers Hot Knife System

Hot knife seal system ensures a clean, positive, and even seal every time.

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  • Designed to seal most polyolefin, polyethylene, and PVC shrink films
    All-welded main frame from ¼” cold rolled steel
    Soft start infeed and outfeed conveyors to reduce shifting of products
    Variable speed infeed and outfeed conveyors
    Side adjustable film rack for perfect alignment
    Seal head casting equipped with pneumatic air cylinder for automatic sealing
    Hot knife seal available with mushroom (standard), pancake, arrow, or poly inserts
    Consistent pressure across seal bar
    Automatic cycle timing with adjustable dwell time
    PLC controlled with product indexing
    Film tracking wheels keep film in place
    Power film unwind ensures proper tension of film
    Multiple pin perforators provide air evacuation
    Power Film take-up scrap winder included
    Custom two-part epoxy finish resists scratching
    Heavy duty casters for transportation within plant
    Easy to use design requires minimal training and maintenance
    Side seal size 30”, 40” or 50”; front seal size 50”, 70”, or 100”
    Maximum film width up to 60”
    Maximum film roll OD up to 12”
    60 PSI
    Available in 220v, or 480v
    Made in the USA
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