Eastey Uniform Case Taper TB-2 Top Belt

TB-2 Top Belt & Bottom Belt Case Taper

The operator friendly TB-2 top and bottom belt case taper is designed for large run case sealing. The top and bottom drives are ideal for tall and narrow uniform cases and heavier cases up to 85 lbs. No air is required to run the TB-2 case taping system so it can be placed anywhere in the plant.

Four drive belts work in unison to move your cases consistently through for a strong and consistent seal. TB-2 utilizes a dual mast with twin lead screws for greater tape head stability and adjustable side guides to center each case. The unit also features top compression rollers to stabilize the case and push the top flaps together, making it a great solution for over-filled cases. The system is designed to keep maintenance to a minimum and provide a fast and efficient alternative to hand taping.

TB-2 offers fast and easy case changes and flexibility for boxes 5” in length and greater. Adjustments can be made on the fly with easy hand tighten knobs and cranks. TB-2 utilizes Easy-Taper Quick-Load top and bottom tape cartridges and will seal boxes as narrow as 6.0” wide and as low as 4.5” tall.

Eastey Uniform Case Taper TB-2 Top Belt Top and Bottom Drive

Top and bottom drive for unstable or heavy cases.

Eastey Uniform Case Taper TB-2 Top Belt Industrial Strength Pack Table

Industrial strength pack table to allow for case movement.

Eastey Uniform Case Taper TB-2 Top Belt Adjustable Side Rails

Adjustable side rails and tape head offer fast and easy case changes.

Eastey Uniform Case Taper TB-2 Top Belt Identical Top and Bottom Tapeheads

Top and bottom tapeheads are identical and can be removed instantly without tools. Choose from two options.

  • Videos
  • Features
  • Utilizes Eastey’s Easy-Taper tapehead
    Dual mast for tape head stability
    Top compression rollers
    Front and rear roller pack tables
    Plug-in and go operation
    Powder coated 12 gauge steel
    Adjustable side guides
    Industrial strength top and bottom belts
    Adjustable leg extensions
    Fast and easy box size changes
    Low maintenance
    Casters for transportation within plant
  • Taper Specs
  • Sealer Type – Uniform top and bottom belt, top and bottom case sealer
    Machinery Makeup – Industrial strength 12 gauge steel, powdered coated for durability
    Belt Speed – 75 feet/per minute
    Tape Speed – 30 cases/per minute, depending on box size and operator efficiency
    Height Adjustment – Standard adjustable legs for 24.3” to 32.3” conveyor heights
    Tape Size – 2” wide pressure sensitive tape, up to 15” diameter rolls, optional 3” wide tape
    Tape Cartridge – Proven design requires no lubrication, tips back for simple tape threading, removable for maintenance and interchangeable with top or bottom cartridges
    Air Requirements – None
    Electrical Requirements – 110 VAC, 60Hz, 4.0A
    Agency Approvals – CE Certification
  • Box Specs
  • Minimum Box Size – 5″ (Length) 6″ (Width) 4.5″ (Depth)
    Maximum Box Size – infinite (Length) 19.5″ (Width) 19.5″ (Depth)
  • Optional Accessories
  • 3” Tape Head – Accepts 3” wide tape rolls