Eastey Performance Series Shrink Tunnels

Performance Series Shrink Tunnels

Proven reliable over and over again, these intermediate level EASTEY Shrink Tunnels provide you with all the quality features found in much higher priced machines. They are designed and built to give you all the performance features needed for positive shrinking a wide variety of films including polyolefin, polyethylene, and PVC.

EASTEY Performance Series Shrink Tunnels are expertly welded on 12 gauge steel frames and designed to produce superior shrinking on virtually any package. Variable four-direction air flow, variable air velocity and delayed cool down are just some of the features that provide the durability you have come to rely on from EASTEY. See for yourself why EASTEY has been a leader in the shrink packaging industry for over 25 years.

Eastey Performance Series Shrink Tunnels Stainless Steel Mesh Belt

Stainless steel mesh belt conveyor provides maintenance free operation.

Eastey Performance Series Shrink Tunnels Live Roller

Live roller conveyor provides a more finished look for retail packaging applications.

Eastey Performance Series Shrink Tunnels Control Panel

Easy to use control panel lets users adjust for their specific application.

Eastey Performance Series Shrink Tunnels Airflow Adjustments

Air flow knob for variable air flow adjustments at your fingertips.

Eastey Performance Series Shrink Tunnels Four Directional Airflow

Four directional air flow provides positive shrinking.

Eastey Performance Series Shrink Tunnels Positive Shrink

Positive shrinking on most polyolefin, polyethylene and PVC films.

  • Features
  • Designed to seal most polyolefin, polyethylene, and PVC shrink films
    All-welded main frame from 12 gauge steel
    Live roller or stainless steel mesh belt conveyors; optional “dead” roller conveyor for polyethylene
    Sealed bearings (not bushings) on drive and idler shafts
    Adjustable digital solid state temperature control for a variety of films
    Four-directional air flow provides positive shrinking
    Variable air flow and air velocity for a variety of products and applications
    Bottom air flow adjustment – full on, ½ on, full off on ET2010
    Large ducting creates more air volume inside tunnel
    Optional side plates (top and sides) for air flow patterning and quick changeover for different products on ET2010
    Plugs available for patterned air flow
    Delayed cool down and over temperature protection
    Fold down electrical control panel for easy maintenance
    Conveyor speed up to 67 feet per minute
    Heavy duty casters for transportation within plant
    Leveling legs provide sturdy base once in place
    Custom two part epoxy finish resists scratching
    Available in 220v – single or 3-phase
    Easy to use design requires minimal training, maintenance, and trouble free operation
    Made in the USA
  • Model Specs