October 01, 2019, Brooklyn Park, MN – Eastey, a leading manufacturer of shrink packaging equipment, automated case erectors, tapers, and material handling solutions, introduces a hot knife seal head option for the VS1620 Combo Unit. The VS1620 is an affordable solution for manually sealing and shrinking a variety of products.

The VS1620 combines a rugged Eastey L-sealer and shrink tunnel on a common frame with one power source. This allows for quick setup, perfect alignment and consistent product sealing. A common base with casters makes this a portable system for transportation within the plant.

Depending on the application, users can choose between a hot knife or hot band seal system to provide a positive seal on a wide variety of films including polyethelene, polyolefin, and PVC. The system’s 16” x 20” seal area provides ample space for sealing and shrinking a variety of products in a single pass.

The VS1620 with hot knife utilizes the same proven knife as on Eastey’s manual L-bar sealers. The hot knife offers reliable sealing on a wider range of films and offers lower maintenance than other seal systems.

VS1620 is an ideal solution for low to medium volume users who want to begin shrink packaging but thought their budget restricted them from doing so.

The VS1620 Combo Unit is available now through Eastey’s network of authorized distributors. Sales inquiries can be directed to Joshua Nelson, Eastey, 7041 Boone Avenue, Brooklyn Park, MN 55428, 763-428-4846. jnelson@engagetechnologies.net

Eastey, Squid Ink, American Film & Machinery (AFM) and Cogent Technologies are all divisions of Engage Technologies Corporation. Eastey (eastey.com) is a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty shrink packaging equipment and automated case sealing systems for packaging applications. Squid Ink (squidink.com) is a manufacturer of coding and marking systems for product identification and traceability, providing superior quality inks and low maintenance printing equipment. American Film & Machinery (afmsleeves.com) supplies shrink labelers and tunnels, shrink sleeves, and tamper bands. Cogent Technologies (cogent-tech.com) manufactures infrared drying systems used to dry ink in the industrial and graphics industries.

Engage Technologies Corporation is headquartered in Brooklyn Park, MN with facilities in Rogers, MN, Spring Lake Park, MN, The Hague, Netherlands, and Shanghai, China. The Company continues to expand sales and services, with authorized distributors strategically located throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world.


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