Eastey EXCF Carton Former Case Handling

Carton Former EXCF

The EX-CF Case Former from Eastey is designed for semi-automatic case forming and packing. The durable design has proven to keep production and maintenance efforts to a minimum to improve your case packing process. The EX-CF Case Former provides a fast and cost-efficient alternative to manual case forming.

The EX-CF Case Former enables a single operator to form, pack, and seal corrugate cases. Operation is simple: open the case and place it in the top of the case former. Pneumatic switches activate the machine’s flap folding mechanism to fold the bottom major and minor flaps. Once the flaps are folded, the case will stay in place while the case is filled by the operator. Filled cases can then be advanced into a taper for automated top and bottom case-sealing.

EX-CF Case Former offers fast and easy case size changes with adjustable hand-crank side rails to accommodate boxes 7.5” to 25” in length, 5.5” to 20” wide, and 3” tall and greater.

Eastey EXCF Carton Former Case Handling Stainless Steel Wear Surface

Stainless steel wear surfaces.

Eastey EXCF Carton Former Case Handling Easy Case Size Changes

Easy case size changes with adjustable folding/revolving crank handle.

Eastey EXCF Carton Former Case Handling Air Only Operation with Emergency Stop

Air only operation with emergency stop.

Eastey EXCF Carton Former Case Handling Adjustable Foot Extensions

Adjustable foot extensions for level setup in your plant.

  • Videos
  • Features
  • Plug-in and go operation
    Adjustable side guides
    Adjustable foot extensions
    Fast and easy box size changes
    Low maintenance
    Accommodates wide case range
    Roller extension included for wide boxes
    Small exit roller table included
  • EXCF Specs
  • Machinery Makeup – Industrial strength 12 gauge steel, powder coated for durability
    Conveyor Height Adjustment – 27” to 34.6”
    Air Requirements – 80 PSI
    Electrical Requirements – None
    Agency Approvals – CE Certification
  • Box Specs
  • Minimum Box Size – 7.5″ (Length) 5.5″ (Width) 3″ (Depth)
    Maximum Box Size – 25″ (Length) 20″ (Width) 19.5″ (Depth)